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We love the satisfying cleaning of perfect glass. Even better than the gleam you get in the reflection is how easy it is! Follow our tips for a streak free shine.
By  yogesh  Published on Nov. 16, 2013  Hits: 294  Rating:  (3.3) votes 6
Frequent cooking and the use of various oils can lead to the accumulation of grease and dust on kitchen cabinets. Using the proper cleaning agents according to the type of cabinets you have is crucial to protecting the cabinet finish, while effectively eliminating dirt and grime.
By  gud177  Published on Dec. 10, 2013  Hits: 4,610  Rating:  (3.1) votes 27
Keeping your bathroom smelling fresh may sound like an arduous task, but here are a few simple tips which will have your bathroom smelling good all day long!
By  priyaa  Published on Jun. 2, 2015  Hits: 1,435  Rating:  (3.1) votes 18
A glass-topped table presents some cleaning challenges.
By  santoshk  Published on Mar. 30, 2012  Hits: 843  Rating:  (3.0) votes 91
Stove tops can be tricky to clean, as they often harbor greasy, sticky residue and dried on, burnt food. The key to removing these is to loosen the stains from the surface of the stove. It is important to keep in mind what kind of stove top you have, because some cleansers can damage certain surfaces, yet work great for others.
By  gud177  Published on Dec. 10, 2013  Hits: 272  Rating:  (5.0) votes 1
If the woodwork is finished and washable, remove grease marks with a wood cleaner according to label directions. Follow with polish or wax and buff with a soft cloth.Read more: Cleaning Tips - Heloise Cleaning Tips - Good Housekeeping
By  awqdasaasd  Published on Jan. 25, 2012  Hits: 913  Rating:  (3.1) votes 99
Tips for cleaning bed room
By  deepak  Published on Jan. 9, 2014  Hits: 985  Rating:  (3.1) votes 34
cleaning the Kitchen Sink
By  rohitwadhwa  Published on Jan. 29, 2012  Hits: 784  Rating:  (3.0) votes 86
It defines the tips for cleaning Carpets.
By  deepak  Published on Dec. 18, 2013  Hits: 1,022  Rating:  (3.1) votes 36
Wipe up spills, splatters and water spots as they occur - keep the cabinets dry.
By  santoshk  Published on Mar. 30, 2012  Hits: 857  Rating:  (3.0) votes 94
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