spring cleaning Tips
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Clean and Remove curtains wash the curtains after cleaned the room then hang them as soon as they are dry.

Window ledges ready for a window clean later on.

Washing any plates or pots that you think need a clean. If you find anything that needs a wash it is probably because it has not been used for a long. Consider getting rid of it, because you might be cleaning it again in 6 months' time period.

Clean with a degreaser on top of any cupboards and cabinets as fatty grime collects here and often gets missed in regular cleaning.

Spray the oven for cleaning later on. Do check instructions for your particular type of oven.

Empty fridge and wipe out with warm soapy water, rinse with vanilla essence to freshen and remove odors.

Clean fan filters with hot soapy water unless instructions suggest a different method.

Go back to oven and clean out. Clean stove top and remove any parts that can be removed and wash in hot soapy water.

Clean all the kitchen walls with particular attention to the splashback.

Clean benchtops by giving them a good scrub, especially around the edges and any joins.

Wash down cupboard doors giving attention to the handles.

Clean sinks.

Wipe down any stainless steel appliances with a warm soft cloth (a chamois is good) wiping in the direction of the polish lines.

Wash and sterilize bin.

Clean windows

Vacuum and mop floor.


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